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Product Management Tools

Every time we product managers start a new job, we have to assess in the first 30-60-90 days if we have the team and the product management tools to do the job. Which product management tools you choose for your stack depends on your role, team and company. Here is our running list of recommendations, updated for 2019.

Voice of the Customer Tools for Product Managers

A good product manager not only shows up for work but cares about customer feedback. Fortunately, product managers don’t have to deal with crazy foodie types that post pictures on Yelp and leave feedback. Instead, some great Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs exist to help you tap into customers’ wants, needs, and expectations in a constructive manner.

Wiki Tools for Product Managers

Need a wiki for your product management tool stack? Need to find the right tool quickly? Use this Wiki Software Cheat Sheet to help you choose. The following Wiki tools are grouped by those that are common choices for enterprises and well-funded startups and those that work best for small to medium businesses.

Product Market Fit

Product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.

Here’s a primer for product managers and their teams on what product market fit is and the most common approaches to achieving it.

Product Discovery

Product Discovery is at the core of every product manager’s job. It is why most of us become product managers. We love the creative challenge of solving market problems. Here is a primer.